Harry Harry Home

Designers and manufacturers with high quality products

To be different whilst remaining classic and affordable is a difficult balance to achieve when it comes to the interior design industry.

Harry Harry Home know this but by encouraging their clients to be creative, follow their own colour palette and intuition, the team work with them to achieve this balance while creating the clients own brand and statement.

Quite often, the designers and manufacturers are separate which can sometimes leave the client feeling a bit like a middle man in the creative process. That’s the point of difference with Harry Harry Home, they are both the designer and manufacturer. This enables them to have direct communication with clients throughout the whole process and ensure quality, on time, unique products. The fact that the team are able to produce builders’ own design ranges, also makes it more affordable, protecting the client’s all important budget.

Harry Harry Home has their own private collections tiles, furniture, building products, lighting and rugs which means you no longer have to shop around visiting multiple vendors to find everything you’re looking for to design your dream home. You can do it all in the one place!

Whether you want your home to transform into a tropical oasis with gorgeous wicker furnishings or want a sleek modern feel to your home, Harry Harry Home has everything you need to design and create the home you’ve always wanted.