3 Reasons To Use Scyon Walls For Your Next Home Project

Building or renovating is a dream for many homeowners.

You want to create a home that not only looks its best, but is built to last.  Sourcing the best materials to achieve this can seem stressful, but luckily Queensland Homes have discovered Scyon Walls – perfect for the modern home.

Scyon Walls are an innovative and colourful solution for exterior cladding. Scyon has made an all in one cement composite that can still be nailed or screwed to completed frames, helping to save time and space.

Still deciding whether this product is right for you? To make the decision a little easier, we’ve discovered three reasons to use Scyon Walls for your next home project.

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1. Design Freedom

Scyon Walls are a combination of locally sourced sand, portland cement and cellulose (wood pulp) create a light-weight material great for architects and designers to be truly innovative. The variety of contemporary colours, shadow lines and textures, allows architects to take their creativity to the next level.

2. Made To Last

As well as delivering visual appeal, Scyon Walls are built to last and look good for longer. They’re resistant to termites, moisture damage, rot, fire and impacts when installed and maintained correctly. Scyon Walls are designed to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking which results in the ability to hold paint longer to minimise ongoing maintenance.

3. Construction Made Simple

Builders don’t have to hire extra trades like brickies and renderers when working with Scyon Walls. Installation is easy and can be managed by carpenters as the cement-based boards and panels are handled like wood.

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