5 Reasons To Have A Vertical Garden

We have a desire to surround ourselves with gardens, and for a space-saving option that looks amazing you really can’t deny the allure of a vertical garden.

Awaken your inner green thumb with five reasons to have a vertical garden.

1. They’re A Great Space Saver

When space is limited, green walls are brilliant ways to inject a natural element, making them a perfect solution for greening courtyards and balconies, jazzing up boring walls and acting as a focal point to draw the eye through a space. They’re also an effective foil for an unsightly boundary fence and can accomplish an effect that planters and troughs alone cannot.

2. They Create A Touch Of Drama 

Vertical gardens are a terrific tool for building drama and interest where there was none before.

3. They’re Perfect For Busy People 

As they require as little of your time as a garden plot – they will thrive with regular watering and feeding but otherwise are very undemanding – it’s an ideal option for busy people.

4. They’re Easy To Install

There are many green wall systems available that range from wall-mounted to freestanding and include plastic buckets, cells, mats and felt bags made from recycled PET bottles. Take a trip to your local garden centre or talk to a professional landscape designer about your options, and you’ll discover a whole different world of planting that will drive you, quite literally, up the wall!

5. You Can Be Creative With The Design 

When planting a vertical garden I think of the composition; like an artist choosing a paint colour, plants are my palette. Trailing plants, such as ivy, work well around the frame to disguise the edges of the structure. Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ and Walking Iris fill the vertical garden with lushness and texture, while a few well-placed bromeliads or luxurious orchids draw your eye with their pops of colour. As long as you choose plants for the right position, and with similar needs, there is no right or wrong way to design your vertical garden.

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