Balinese serenity with Enigma Interiors

Enigma Interiors were tasked with creating a resort-like experience for the occupants of this gorgeous waterfront home, placing an emphasis on absolute serenity and spaciousness.

Soft satin finishes were expertly blended with warm timbers and desirable textures to create a distinctly Balinese feel. Many of the rooms feature water views overlooking the canal, swimming pool or tranquil water feature in the central courtyard, instilling a sense of peaceful relaxation


The luxury home has an elongated back wall, tall ceilings, huge doorways and large windows fixed with louvres to let plenty of natural light in. LED lights have been used elsewhere to provide additional lighting. A critical requirement of the overall design was that everything balanced harmoniously with the tall ceilings and large spaces so nothing appeared stunted or out of character.

To create a sense of spaciousness in the kitchen, a generous kitchen island was installed with sprawling benchtops and thickened edges. Other features include a rubbish disposal unit and water dispensing station compartment hidden under benchtops, plenty of storage drawers and overhead cabinets, and a doorless walk-in pantry.

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Enigma Interiors were faced with many challenging budget and space constraints. A catacomb of beams and external rooflines caused havoc in the kitchen by limiting available space to duct the rangehood, so steel supports were integrated to hold up the rangehood shelf and hood. There was also limited space for installing and servicing the canopy, which meant that the fascia of the shelf needed to be removable and affixed magnetically without any tell-tale signs.


Other features of the home include a small BBQ and casual seating area, a wine cellar and a nook for a small TV. Soft closures have been used throughout the home, and appliances have been integrated together in the form of an appliance wall for greater convenience. The timber species adorning the cellar was carefully carried through other elements of the design by Enigma Interiors, such as the timber effect tiles on the splashback, to create consistency.