Choosing the right kind of flooring for the home

Make the right choice for your family and the environment by investing in durable, comfortable and sustainable flooring for the home

triexta Ultra Soft carpet from Floorworld
Comfort, performance, durability and stain resistance – whatever you need from your carpet, Floorworld’s range of Australian-made carpets is the ultimate flooring choice.

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When choosing the right kind of flooring for your home, there are many essential factors to consider in style, durability, and maintenance. Not only will you want your flooring to be comfortable and to look good and feel luxurious, but you’ll also want it to last – especially when you consider the flooring may be in place for decades to come. 

Choosing the perfect flooring foundation for stylish, contemporary living is essential to a well-designed home, but it also pays to know the origins of the material and the impact of your investment. 

triexta carpet Dawn Rise from Floorworld
Dawn Rise cut pile twist carpet by Redbook Green is made from triexta, one of the many innovative and extremely durable carpet options from Floorworld that features permanent, built-in stain protection.

For the team at Floorworld, flooring shouldn’t just look good; it has to feel good, and do good, too. As one of our country’s leading flooring specialists, Floorworld recognises the value of supporting Australian-made, championing locally made products across its stores nationwide. 

Floorworld has a great connection with their community through their School Sponsorship Program and supporting initiatives through their Pancare Partnership which raises awareness, supports families and funds research for upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancers.

Floorworld sources only the highest quality flooring solutions and is renowned for offering innovative options that elevate and transform a home’s design. Their range of carpets, timbers, carpet tiles, oak, laminate, vinyl, hybrid or bamboo flooring options are improving the quality of life for homeowners who want only the best flooring for their homes. 

Hybrid flooring is the latest innovation in flooring that Floorworld showcases as an excellent choice for easy maintenance. Offering exceptionally durable flooring options for the family home, where high traffic areas require a sturdy flooring choice, hybrid flooring combines the advantages of laminate and vinyl in one innovative product. Both practical and stylish, with 100% waterproof – and family proof! –options, hybrid flooring is the perfect flooring option to withstand the rigours of modern living.

Beechworth hybrid flooring from Floorworld
Exclusive to Floorworld, Beechworth II from Godfrey Hirst showcases innovative new hybrid flooring, with its Blackbutt and Spotted Gum style in a stunning, longboard plank. Choose from twelve unique shades to suit your home and interior style.
Hybrid Apollo XL flooring from Floorworld
Apollo XL hybrid flooring by Godfrey Hirst replicates a natural timber wood grain look, with micro-bevel edges and an embossed matte finish. Floorworld ensures every hybrid floor installation maintains a scratch and stain resistance, with a unique surface coating that can easily withstand the everyday wear and tear of even the busiest family home.

There’s no denying the ageless allure of carpet for the ultimate comfort and classic flooring style, and Floorworld has the full breadth of soft flooring options covered. Your local Floorworld store stocks a vast array of the best Australian-made carpets in a range of fibres like wool, nylon, solution-dyed nylon, polypropylene, polyester and triexta, a naturally stain-resistant option that will resist 99% of household spills (often water is all that’s needed to clean up any mess – which means less worry, less maintenance and better longevity!).

Riverstone carpet from Floorworld
With a gorgeous, textured look, wool carpet makes a stylish statement in the home. Floorworld’s many wool carpet delights include the beautiful Riverstone wool carpet by Feltex – a perfect addition to bedroom flooring.

Wool carpet remains a superb carpet choice for lovers of natural and renewable fibres – especially in homes where luxury finishes and clean living are paramount. Wool carpet has the added benefit of being a healthier flooring choice, as wool acts naturally to absorb pollutants, which means choosing a wool carpet can help improve your home’s air quality and regulated air moisture. If you or your family are allergy sufferers, wool carpet is an excellent choice.

Floorworld’s expert advice for would-be wool lovers? Wool has noise absorbing qualities ensuring a quiet environment. Wool is not only a flame-resistant material but it’s sustainable, durable and biodegradable and naturally resistant to dirt and household stains.

DuraTuft SD PET carpet from Floorworld
With a lush pile density and an affordable elegance that offers luxe for less, Redbook Carpets’ Hampton Cove DuraTuft™ SD PET cut pile twist carpet is available from Floorworld in a range of neutral colours to suit every style of home.

With so many flooring choices on the market – and a sometimes overwhelming array of needs and wants to factor in when choosing the right style and type of flooring – it pays to bypass the trends and focus on future-proofing the home you love. Floorworld’s expert team can work with you to determine your flooring needs, be it traditional elegance or modern innovation, so that you can choose the perfect carpets, timbers, carpet tiles, oak, laminate, vinyl, hybrid or bamboo flooring.

And, for accessible and transitional options for updating the look of your home flooring, be sure to check out the many fabulous rug selections available from Floorworld’s home decor brand, Homedezines. There’s a fantastic array of rugs to choose from to suit every style of room or home, from natural fibre and textured jute rugs, to traditional and classic Persian rugs, to more modern and contemporary rug designs. 

Homedezines floor rug Floorworld

Homedezines decor rugs Floorworld