Consider Oz Thatch For Bali Huts

If you’re a bit of a nomad, you’ll have probably wandered Bali’s way a time or two. And isn’t its aesthetic dreamy? A beachside vibe and laid-back air dance around thatched-roof homes, turquoise waters glitter in the distance, and greenery abounds in a wild, whimsical way.

We’re in love with the Bali aura, and think it’s the perfect palette for our summer backyard dreams. Take your backyard from suburban to utopian with our tips for adding a Balinese flavour to your own outdoor space.

1. Master the shelter

You might have a pool, you might have a landscaped garden, but those can be anywhere. Add a decidedly Balinese shelter and you’ve got the vibe almost instantly. Oz Thatch, Queensland’s premier builder of Bali huts and thatched gazebos, is our pick for who to call. These gazebos are made from authentic Balinese Alang-Alang grass, creating a rustic look which is as functional as it is alluring. 100% waterproof, 10% cooler than most traditional roofing materials… bonus.

To ensure your shelter does the job perfectly, get it professionally installed – Oz Thatch services the greater Brisbane area, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, meaning your resort-style shelter is only seconds away.

2. Use your green thumb

Balinese gardens aren’t known for box hedges and gently-unfurled roses, are they? No, they’re known for edgier greens and florals, such as palms, birds of paradise and mondo grass. Living in the Sunshine State, you probably already have some of these. Add a bit of scent through frangipani varieties, plant some bamboo in a nod to the jungles, and accent with some vibrant orchids and bromeliads.

3. Use water to your advantage

A resort-worthy pool aside, installing a water feature adds a relaxing vibe to your backyard, especially when you can hear it from the comfort of your Bali hut. Create a trickling waterfall or pond and let the water wash your cares away.

4. Take it to the fence

Continue the theme all around by installing a bamboo fence – it adds privacy while also looking resort-chic. Oz Thatch stock a full range of bamboo panels and fencing, which you can install easily alongside a pre-existing fence.

5. Sit back and relax

Pick up the cocktail and slip those sunnies on – you’ll not have to worry about the glaring sunshine when you’re safe under your Bali hut, because all that’s left is for you to enjoy the rest of summer. We like how Oz Thatch say it – your backyard is now your own peaceful paradise, far away from the hustle and bustle, where you can live your dream life in a tropical oasis.

For more information, visit the Oz Thatch website.

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