Find out why crystal-infused water bottles are so much more than just an insta trend!

Introduce a little self-love ritual into your daily life with these beautiful crystal elixir water bottles.

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We’ve been seeing these beautiful crystal-infused water bottles popping up on our Instagram feeds for the last few months – the perfect little glass drinking bottle with a big, beautiful chunk of crystal soaking inside. They’re beautiful, all right. And, as anyone well versed in crystals knows or believes, creating and consuming crystal-infused brings with it the intention to imbue the water with the specific crystal’s energy. 

Gem elixirs are a definite thing right now, and these water bottles by Soji are bringing this age-old concept to our modern lives. The stones are firmly secured inside the glass and aluminum bottle, they’re easy to clean, come with their own protective sleeve for everyday use, and are completely safe and non-toxic. Whether you’re a believer in crystal healing or not, there’s no denying these water bottles look absolutely divine!

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Tulasii has recently acquired some of the amazing Soji water bottles from the USA for their Australian customers. “In keeping with the Tulasii ethos of slowing down and connecting to the people and places around us, we have a whole lot of respect for everything these Soji water bottles stand for and offer in our everyday, busy lives,” says Tulasii founder, Nat. “Consider a crystal elixir water bottle as a gift to yourself – like a daily reminder to be more present, to take care of yourself, and to always trust the journey, sip by sip.”

Choose from Rose Quartz (love), Citrine (abundance and manifestation) Smoky Quartz (clarity), Clear Quartz (healing), Amethyst (calm), or Black Obsidian (transformation).

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