Designer distinction for a luxe family home

Sympathetic to the views of the River City, this home – designed by the family for the family – has embraced the collective and eclectic styles of each generation living there.


The five storey home is situated in the hillside of Norman Park and commands stunning views across the Brisbane River. The clients wanted to make the most of the glorious views while giving the rest of the home a more grand feel, one with a modern twist.

Engaging the senior interior designers at Uptiles to turn their dream to reality, their brief was to endow a sense of grandeur by using traditional materials that represent the beauty of natural stone in the largest format size available of 1800x800mm, giving a sense of clean lines whilst incorporating the classic deep colour and veins of marble.

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The clients had great input to the look/style that they wanted each level to convey – the entry, with a neoclassical distinction of inlaid marble detail; the kitchen level, with a majestic black canvas; the impact of the wall tile details for each level’s powder rooms and bathrooms; and the lift shafts, which were to coordinate the flooring with the realism of the home’s impressive surface details. The Uptiles designers were able to inject fun and impact into each of the spaces, all with that modern twist the clients wanted.



As interior designers for Uptiles at Strathpine, the team are proud to supply only the best quality Italian Porcelain tiles. Clients are astounded at the quality of the digital printing offered, reproducing the natural stone look onto porcelain tiles. This home is a great example of using relief motifs to achieve a wallpaper effect – Uptiles have created eye-catching decoration that fits perfectly into the surrounding space.

Photography: John Downs