Elevating spaces with Art Hide

After moving to a spacious townhouse, a style-savvy stylist bought in Art Hide to enhance their decor and uplift their living spaces using premium cowhide rugs.

Art Hide

When you’re given a brief by a client who is also a stylist, you know you need to bring your A-game. And that’s exactly what Kura Perkins from Art Hide has done here, creating unique and fun cowhide rugs to complement the magnificent townhouse as per the client’s requirements all while staying true to Art Hide’s designs.

“Our client wanted rugs to furnish their home office, playroom, and their babies’ nursery,” explains Kura of the bespoke design process. “They chose three of our premium cowhide rugs; those being the Angulo rug, the Nueva Raya rug and the Arlequin hide.”

Kura first sent the client a digital mock-up of the rooms with the respective rugs in place, to enable her client to envision the space with it and help them gain a better understanding of that they were going to receive. Once the digitally rendered version was approved, Art Hide began work on the rugs.

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Art Hide study

Art Hide home office

In the home office, the exquisite Angulo rug with neutral shades of hide was chosen to complement the vibrant hues of pink, allowing them to create a stunning contrast. “The rug perfectly highlighted the navy blue and white hues in the office, pulling together the decor elements in a perfect symphony of colours,” says Kura.

Art Hide lounge room

Since the cowhides are extremely durable and easy to maintain, it was the perfect fit to use them in the home’s very busy playroom. The boho chic Nueva Raya rug was the winning choice – it features a medley of colours and patterns, making it the perfect element to tie the room together, giving it a whole lot of personality.

Art Hide nursery

The nursery has also been given the Art Hide touch. “We used a soft-toned, cream coloured Arlequin hide for the nursery to complement the soft pastel theme of the nursery,” says Kura. “The Arlequin hide was the perfect choice for this setting as it matched the colour palette of the room, its metallic Devore finishing added a whimsical touch to it all.”

Guest blogger: Caroline Modig | Photography: Rayna Harwick