George Gittoes’ ‘Lovers’ exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art

Don’t miss the chance to see the stunning work of artist George Gittoes, currently on show at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


Aphrodite Venus, 92 x 122 cm,oil on linen by George Gittoes

The mythical power of love is the theme behind the Sydney Peace Prize Winner George Gittoes’ latest exhibition, ‘Lovers’, showing at Mitchell Fine Art until 13th October 2018.

‘Lovers’ explores the mystery of love, a beautiful evolution of the artist’s work over many decades – this year actually marks the 50th year of George Gittoes’ incredible undeviating artistic journey – which has spanned the full spectrum of human emotion and documented a disturbing and unrelenting trail across multiple platforms of war, genocide and vicious conflict.

‘Lovers’ takes a very different course though. You won’t find the maimed or displaced in this latest exhibition, with Gittoes instead refocusing his theme to be all about the message central to his life’s work – ‘to make love on war’. The notion that,  even amidst all the pain and suffering, love can survive.

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These abstract, mystical works are reminiscent of rarely seen Gittoes artworks from the late 1960’s, multi-dimensional and highly intricate artworks that utilise woodblock stamps collected by the artist over many years throughout Afghanistan, some of which have been dated by Peshawar University as being over 1000 years old.

George Gittoes ‘Lovers’ exhibition will be on show at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, until 13th October 2018.

Ishtar,213.5 x 183 oil on linen (2018)by George Gittoes
Helen (Portrait of Hellen) 91.5 x 122 cms (2017-18) by George Gittoes
Cleopatra and Antony 91.5 x 122 cm (2017-18)by George Gittoes
Circe and Odysseus 86.5 x 102 cm (2017-18) by George Gittoes
Beatrice and Dante Divine Comedy 122 x 152.5cm (2017-18) by George Gittoes