Greg Natale launches his first collection for Bisazza

Recognised for his signature geometric aesthetic, designer Greg Natalie was a natural fit for this new collaboration with Bisazza, which celebrates the beauty of irregularity.

Mosaico Groove in Rose by Greg Natale for Bisazza

An in-depth observation of nature is the inspiration behind four new mosaic patterns designed by Australian interior designer Greg Natale for Bisazza: New Malachite, Fragment, Groove, and Moire.

As he believes that when working with patterns, organics and geometrics should sit side-by-side for optimal visual effect, Natale wanted to explore motifs that are wild, uneven and random for his first collection of tiles for Bisazza.

“The collection celebrates the beauty to be found in irregularity,” the designer explains. “I am really interested in the composition of things and looking at how the many parts of something are extended, repeated and layered to create an overall effect. The collection looks at pattern in this way. Rather than being bordered and regular, this mass of small square tiles becomes an unending, looping, limitless decorative texture.”

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Bisazza Mosaico New Malachite Green insitu by Greg Natale

The radiating swirls of green in New Malachite is inspired by the crystalline structure of malachite stone, offering a soft, rose and dusty pink-hued alternative as well as a calm and soothing greyscale version.

For Fragment, the evocation is that of dry cracked earth, ice flow and smashed glass depending on its colours. “The beauty of it is in its simplicity and scale,” adds Natale.

Bisazza Mosaico Fragment in Gold by Greg Natale

Groove takes its cues from nature also. “The brain coral of the Great Barrier Reef was the starting point for this undulating graphic. In nature, these lines are wrinkly and three dimensional. By flattening them out they take on a new graphic character that leads the eye and holds the interest.”

And the designer’s favourite design in his first collection of tiles for Bisazza?

“I love Moire. It is so alluring because it’s intangible and short-lived. It changes and shifts before your eyes. By taking a snapshot impression of the moire effect and reimagining it with mosaic tiles, what is usually transient and ephemeral now becomes permanent and solid and beautiful.”

Bisazza Mosaico Moire in Black by Greg Natale

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