You’ll love this summer-inspired iced tea cocktail recipe

The Botanica Tea Co. have our weekend pool party goals sorted with this sexy little cocktail number based on their popular organic hibiscus and lemongrass ginger teas.

Hibiscus Iced Tea cocktail

There’s no better time to experiment with refreshing iced tea recipes than this season of entertaining! The Botanica Tea Co. makes it a breeze, with a selection of 100 percent organic herbal tea blends that are the perfect base for delicate infusions (or take their tip and add a shot of vodka or gin for a cheeky iced tea cocktail!).

Keep this little beauty on hand, chilling in the fridge, for when you want a refreshing tipple. You can sip on this iced tea up straight, or add a cheeky shot of your favourite spirit for a cocktail infusion you’ll want to say cheers to.

“We always start with two basic essentials – our Wildflower and Full Moon brews,” said Kristy and Natalie from The Botanica Tea Co. “This perfect base can be played with and enhanced in any way you like – add more or less of either or add a dash of stevia or honey to sweeten to taste, and you can garnish with anything from fresh lime slices to fresh berries and sprigs of mint.”

You’ll get about four glasses (or one pitcher) out of this recipe – but if you’re wanting more, just multiply the quantities of all ingredients and filtered water as you please or as required.

And for locals in Brisbane who are wanting to try out a Wildflower hibiscus iced tea for themselves, The Botanica Tea Co. tell us they are now being served at the fantastic new West End cafe, Table 26 (30 Duncan Street, West End), where you can also find a whole range of The Botanica Tea Co. organic teas on the menu.

The Botanica Tea Co Hibiscus iced tea




8 cups pure filtered water

2 tbsp Wildflower hibiscus tea

2 tbsp Full Moon lemongrass & ginger tea

Stevia or honey to taste


Bring the filtered water to a boil in a saucepan.

Add the Wildflower hibiscus flowers and Full Moon lemongrass & ginger tea, then quickly turn off the heat. Allow the mix to steep for ten minutes – more or less, depending on whether you want your iced tea strong or more delicate in flavour.

Add the optional honey or stevia to taste, while still warm, to taste.

Drain the tea through a fine sieve into a tempered glass jug or heat-proof bowl, and place in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

When perfectly chilled, pour the Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Ginger Iced Tea into a pitcher with plenty of ice.

To serve, pour into a glass, top it up with extra ice, garnish of choice and a dash of vodka or gin, if you please, and enjoy.

The Botanica Tea Co. ethos is all about balance – these girls work hard, play harder, and have designed their teas to suit the modern tea drinker. Check out their online store where you can also find their DIY recipes. 

The Botanica Tea Co. Hibiscus iced tea

The Botanica Tea Co Hibiscus lemongrass iced tea cocktail