Work in progress: 14 noteworthy study nooks & home offices

From petite study nooks to palatial home offices, these modern workspaces are sure to pull focus 

Home office

Put your phone down. It’s the modern mantra which urges us to disconnect to reconnect, switch off to be more present, s l o w down. And we’re big fans. But while avoiding the dreaded ‘tech-neck’ is a no-brainer, we still need to take care of business: which is why a designated workspace at home is more important than ever.

Whether you’re working from home (power to you), scrolling and shopping, paying bills, or even writing a birthday card, having somewhere to gather your thoughts is essential. It doesn’t have to be huge — see below for a few space-saving ideas — but it can still be comfortable and stylish.

When home gets a little hectic, think of your workspace as a place to refocus, reorganise and reboot. So, time to action that dream desk?

1. Monochrome at home

Monochrome at home image Amy from Homey Oh My
Image: Amy from Homey Oh My

If you’re a creative who still believes “a place for everything, and everything in its place” we hear you! Stylist Amy from Homey Oh My keeps an office that is beautiful in its simplicity. A minimalist palette, chic details, and supreme organisation creates a sense of calm intent.

2.  What a corker!

What a corker image petra bindel via pinterest
Image: Petra Bindel via Pinterest

Need. Want. Creating a cork wall on this scale lends warmth and texture while still providing a ready base for your mood boards, to-do lists and general pretties.

3. Think big

Image: Monika Hibbs

The luxury of space and a pair of statement chairs set the scene in this His & Hers office by Monika Hibbs. A wall of objet d’art aligns this room with the rest of the designer’s beautifully curated home. Official office envy right here.

Photo: Tracey Ayton Photography

4. Find your niche

Image: Bask Interiors via

Stealing a sliver of kitchen space to accommodate a study nook or compact office is genius. You’ll stay connected to this high-traffic area while taking care of business.

5. Living inspiration

Image: via Instagram

If you can’t resist a side order of plants, look this way. While botanical accents freshen up minimalist offices, they also bring a grounding energy to more freeform work zones. Delve into antique shops and online sources for storage and treasures, then layer with greenery to create a wildy beautiful creative retreat.

6. Side hustle

Image: Architects: Clayton Orszaczky. Photography: Murray Fredericks/Prue Ruscoe

A brick feature wall gets us every time! Accented with honeyed timber tones and bathed in natural sunlight, this one provides a top spot for weekly scheduling with coffee in hand.

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7. Room with a view

Image: Photography: Mark Roper. Styling: Simone Haag & Angela Harry via Pinterest

Storage shmorage — you’d keep clutter in check with a view like this.

8. Pretty as a pinboard

Image: LIV for Interiors via Pinterest

Soft-industrial overtones meet washes of pink and quirky detailing — just the right balance of sweet and studious.

9.  Better together

Image: Bask Interiors

Working together can keep you motivated — but also distracted. This quietly luxurious space by Bask Interiors keeps shared areas neat and clear with beautiful cabinetry, while also providing a window seat for solo contemplation. Ah, the serenity.

10. Oh, the places you’ll go

Image: N.Team Design via

Why should kids have all the cool stuff? Steal a little inspiration from this incredible wall art and sweeping lowline cabinetry (meanwhile, we’re eying off the chair.).

11. Hidden talents

Image: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects via

Think you don’t have room? This under-stairs option shows how an unused space can become a cool home office hideaway. Scope out your place for a sneaky few square metres.

12. Book it in

Image: Ben Thomas Builder

We are so not ready to give up our bookshelves. Keep favourite novels and reference tomes at hand with open shelving like in this home office via Ben Thomas Builder, then create a little drama with a lick of black paint.


13. File under: epic

Image: Justine Hugh Jones Design via est living

Love the scale. Love the detail. Love an oversized number (always). Employing grey and white to diffuse a potentially chaotic space has paid off in spades in this showstopper.

14. Warm & fuzzy

Image: Heidis Bridge

So taken with the curves, plush textures and old-school vibe of this cosy escape. A lesson in how your choice of desk and chair can work up a mid-century mood or vintage vibe.