How To Make A Classic Spanish Sangria

We’re swiftly preparing our Christmas holiday plans and while some include interstate visits home or exotic overseas travels, there’s really nothing better than relaxing in your home. So this season, the Queensland Homes team is embracing happy hour at home. Summer calls for long lazy days by the pool paired with a tall fresh glass of sangria. It’s a summer classic for a reason. In his book Mix It Up, Master mixologist Grant Collins shares his secret to a fabulous sangria mix.

Classic Spanish Sangria

Nice balance of flavours in this all-time classic – great with seafood or paella or Charcuterie meats.


400 ml/14 fl oz pinot noir/Sauvignon Blanc

60 ml/2 fl oz Cointreau

30 ml/1 fl oz lemon juice

30 ml/1 fl oz lime juice

Top with equal amounts of lemonade and soda


1. Build into a 1-litre carafe and ó scoops of ice.

2. Garnish with 2 lemon wheels, 2 lime wheels,

3–4 grapes and 3–4 pieces of apple.

3. Serve in iced wine glasses.

Check out our favourite sangria accessories below.


Atlantico Pitcher via Domayne. 


Mila tumbler via Domayne.