Into the blue

When these Brisbane clients came to Argo Architects to design their swimming pool and landscape, they brought with them an open mind and some interesting and specific ideas. 

Argo Architects pool design

The site is a corner block in a highly covenanted development which required that the landscaping fits in with the high level of amenity already set in the suburb.

Argo Architect’s client was eager to have a pool design that merged with the house. “A neat connection between the house and pool was established by using tiles and a series of sculpted levels that allow easy pool access while showing off the water to the main living areas,” says Will of the process. Matching concourse and coping tiles and careful detailing of the filter shed doors, and timber deck further connects the house to the pool. “The finished result is that the pool looks as if it was designed and constructed at the same time as the house.”

The design element that takes this pool out of the ordinary is the obelisk feature wall, tiled in a bronze Bisazza glass mosaic tile in contrast to the blue-on-blue glass mosaic tile used at the pool waterline and on underwater ledges, also from the Bisazza Le Gemme range. “The unusual but striking colour combination of bronze and blue sits well in a landscape of off-white tiles and greenery,” adds Will.

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All the project tiles were sourced through Tile Solutions, a preferred choice of Argo Architects. “They were really helpful in the selection process, delivering samples to the site and our office until we had just the right colour combinations. We believe that the tile colour selections make a great poolscape, and so spending time in this area of the design is well rewarded.” 

The obelisk also features three water jets provided by Techno Water Designs on the Gold Coast which move the water slightly and provide just enough white noise to mask passing traffic sounds on the suburban street.

The pool interior was selected from the Jewels4Pools range for a smooth, full glass bead surface that blended particularly well with the Bisazza waterline tile. This matching of waterline and pool interior colours helps to reinforce the shape of the pool, which also makes the water surface area look much larger than it really is.

The pool is heated by QIS Solarwise using a solar pool heater and a retractable pool blanket, which disappears into the deck at the end of the pool where the blanket roller sump is hidden. This allows for efficient solar pool heating, doubling the swimming season for this client who required warm water at around 30 degrees Celsius for as long as was reasonable across Autumn and Spring when air temperatures are fine, but the water temperatures can be more than chilly in Brisbane.

Paul Byrne Design created a beautiful and complementary garden full of flowers with soft purples and white hues. French Lavender, olive trees, Magnolia Teddy Bear, White Crocus, white Peace Lilies and a kitchen garden full of herbs and vegetables all combine to make this simple but elegant soft scape merge with the blues, whites, and bronze of the pool and decking tones.

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Of course, the major part of any pool build is the builder and hardscape contractor – in this project, Fowke Design and Construction, who worked closely to Argo Architects’ design specifications and delivered their usual high standard of finish, snag free. “Without a great builder, it is very easy for a poolscape project to come unstuck,” says Will. “We highly recommend spending a lot  of time researching great pool builders to ensure one who will do a fantastic job to tender on your poolscape design.”

At the end of the day, smooth design, documentation, approval, tender, and construction is what everyone wants. A great team is so necessary to bring this about – and this is what Argo does when engaged to deliver a dream backyard poolscape.

Argo Architects pool design

Argo Architects pool design

Argo Architects pool design

Argo Architects pool design

Argo Architects pool design

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Photography: Glenn Weiss