Introducing Martinich&Carran

An exciting collaboration between Australian artists Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran results in vibrant, limited edition print designs and homewares and a new online store, Martinich&Carran.

Rowena Martinich & Geoffrey Carran_Photo Credit Lovekit Photography
Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. Photo: Lovekit Photography

Partners in both work and life, the energetic artwork of husband and wife artists Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich really does leap off the canvas. Their work is now available from their online store, Martinich&Carran, with a new collection of prints and homewares featuring the signature vibrancy that is so celebrated in their paintings and large-scale public art.

These energetic artists have built a reputation for their own distinct artistic approach – abstract expressionism for Martinich and contemporary representational style for Carran.

Martinich’s vibrant abstract expressionist paintings bring energy and life to building facades, retail shopfronts, commercial interiors and community spaces across Australia, with her work also appearing in major international public art projects in the UK, America, France, Italy, Turkey, and China. The artist also applies her bright, layered colours to canvasses, which have been widely exhibited and collected.

Carran, on the other end of the spectrum, takes his inspiration from the ecology of his surroundings. Drawing birdlife since he was a child growing up in New Zealand, Carran’s art has been exhibited throughout Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, London and New York with his work referencing nature and history through vibrant, contemporary representational works.

Martinich and Carran’s online store features a selection of limited edition prints, with designs based on the original artworks of each artist. See more at their online store.

The artists’ limited edition prints and homewares are available at their online store.

Artist Geoffrey Carran
Artist Geoffrey Carran. Photo: Hunting for George

Artist Geoffrey Carran

Artist Rowena Martinich. Photo: Hunting for George
Artist Rowena Martinich. Photo: Hunting for George

Newlands Print by Rowena Martinich, available from Martinich&Carran

Martinich&Carran Fervor Prints 1 and 2 by Rowena Martinich
Fervor Prints 1 and 2 by Rowena Martinich, available from Martinich&Carran