The latest trends for kids at Life Instyle

Life Instyle hits Sydney again on February 16-19 – it’s our go-to boutique retail trade show when we want to hunt down the latest trends in homewares and fashion. And one of our favourite sections to explore is always the designs made for kids at Kids Instyle (oh the cuteness!).

Hobbe Home 'Positano' rocking chair
Hobbe Home ‘Positano’ rocking chair

Interior Designer Claire Cau-Cecile of Twofold Projects and one of the original co-founders of Life Instyle, has pinpointed the following trends for kids’ rooms as key in the coming year, and to be on show at this year’s Life Instyle event: 

Modern Classic: This is a term that’s being used a lot across interior styling generally, and within kids’ rooms is no exception. As Claire says, “We’re seeing a lot of designers holding on to the classic pieces you’ll find in nurseries or kids rooms, but adding a modern twist to them. Rocking chairs are a great example of this. No longer boring wooden pieces, rocking chairs are now modern staples, with a reinvention in style and comfort that provide a playful but perfect addition to any room.” Claire notes Sydney-based company, and Life Instyle exhibitor, Hobbe Home are creating some fab rocking chairs that are perfect for the modern home, with matching ottomans and cushions.

Hobbe Home rocking chair
Hobbe Home ‘Oslo’ rocking chair and footstool

Animals: Claire says that 2017 is all about animal expression, but the modern twist to this eternal favourite in the kids’ room is to feature them as sophisticated images. “Taylored Dots, an exhibitor at Kids Instyle is the perfect example of this,” she adds. “Their handcrafted animal motifs are neutral in tone, but sophisticated enough so as to keep each feature modern and clean. Whether used as a statement piece or as the base for pairing complementary colours into the room, animals have never been more in style when it comes to creating a truly exciting room that will last until the little one is a lot older.”

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Taylored Dots kids bedroom
Prints from Taylored Dots

Taylored Dots animal prints

Wellness: Health and wellness have been a prevalent trend in the design world for a long time. But when it comes to kids’ rooms, accessories such as candles with relaxing scents, natural fibers for linen, and even crystals as room accessories are becoming a hot trend for parents creating a nurturing child’s room. Life Instyle exhibitor Stoned Crystals is a Queensland Homes fave, and a great example of the trend towards more modern holistic decor. They offer an entire range of crystals to help center energy, with display stands and jars too, bringing the dated concept of crystals into a modern room design.

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Stoned Crystals

Stay tuned for more fresh decor finds and the latest Australian design news once Life Instyle opens doors in mid-February!

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