Learn how to create property wealth in any market with Philippe Brach

With over 25 years’ experience in the international corporate world specialising in finance, accounting and investment, and as a fully qualified and experienced real estate agent and finance broker, Philippe Brach is in good stead to offer his readers sound advice on property investment.


An avid investor himself, Philippe shares his proven strategy that’s created independent wealth for himself and thousands of clients in his new book, Creating Property Wealth In Any Market – How to build a high-performance property portfolio.

Philippe established Multifocus Properties & Finance in 2005, and the company has since been mentoring investors to create and build investment property portfolios with the aim of generating wealth. Philippe is also a regular contributor in leading Australian property investment magazines and is a monthly columnist for Your Investment Property magazine.

Philippe outlines the four key stages of property investment success – planning, acquisition, transition and drawdown – and shares the pitfalls you need to be aware of to maximise your wealth.

Whether it be to create that dream nest egg or secure your financial freedom, successful property investment relies on maximising your financial set-up and portfolio ownership structure. This savvy guide will help you to learn how to tell the difference between a ‘good’ property and a ‘bad’ one, and how to spot and avoid the profit-crunching mistakes that others make, as well as expert tips for mastering your budget and defining your investment strategy. Design your ultimate property portfolio and find proven property performers to grow your wealth.

Practical and accessibly written with real life examples, Creating Property Wealth In Any Market is a must-read for investors of any level looking to maximise their wealth potential.

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Creating Property Wealth In Any market
Creating Property Wealth In Any Market by Philippe Brach, $29.95 (Major Street Publishing).