Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Unique, elegant and practical architecture.

Boutique architect studio Alexandra Buchanan Architecture (ABA) create beautiful, liveable architecture and interiors, designed for modern living and individually crafted to their clients’ needs, life and style.


Under the direction of Architect, Alexandra Buchanan, the ABA studios in  Brisbane and Melbourne combines a unique team of highly skilled architects and interior designers from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and experiences from Australia, South Africa and the UK. Alexandra Buchanan Architecture champions approachability, personalisation and collaboration in every home they undertake, developing creative, bespoke, and holistic ideas for every project.

The ABA portfolio is a stunning showcase of style, with individually crafted homes of outstanding beauty and functionality. Alexandra Buchanan Architecture design with a social, cultural and ecological conscience, creating environmentally responsible projects. The design team ensures every design is unique, highly considered and intricately tailored, producing engaging and inspiring homes and living spaces that respond to how you as an individual and as a family want to reside and be in your space.

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture is a proud A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects, the peak body for the architectural profession in Australia.