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If you’re aiming to create beautiful outdoor living spaces and a poolscape that will enhance your family’s lifestyle, Argo Architects, a leading architectural firm from South Brisbane, are the way to go.


Specialising in master planning, architecture, sound and thermal engineering, and landscape architecture, ARGO’s work is based on four guiding principles:

  • AHIMSA – from a Sanskrit word meaning “doing no harm”, an ARGO project aims for safe living.
  • RESPECT – the ARGO team are dedicated to working on projects with the utmost respect for the clients and the subject community.
  • QUALITY – An ARGO-designed project brings out the finest in architectural design by taking a client’s ideas and make every effort to improve and innovate on them.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – In an age of serious environmental issues, ARGO’s projects account for using sustainable building materials. This results in a structure that’s meant to reduce energy wastage and eliminate off-gassing.

From its establishment by architect/master planner Will Marcus in 1985, ARGO Architects has reaped accolades for projects that continually push the boundaries of design. They include schools, aquatic centres, places of worship, and detached residences, with intricate poolscapes a speciality. The desire for excellence also earned ARGO Architects a chance to take on projects outside Australia.

Every Australian knows that finally having a house of their own is the epitome of the Great Australian Dream. An ARGO Architects-designed poolscape takes that to the next level and will be something that your loved ones will be proud to live in. Schedule a consultation today.

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