ARTIS PURA Mouldings

Modern native Australian timber picture framing solutions.

ARTIS PURA Mouldings bring together the natural aesthetic of Australian native timber with modern and classic picture frame profiles.


ARTIS PURA Mouldings are sourced from local certified timber merchants and support the sustainable management of the Australian forestry industry.

Profiles currently come in five different species from trees that are native to Australia including Silver Ash, Blackbean, Silky Oak, Queensland Maple, and Blackwood with plans to introduce more species this year.

Silver Ash produces a very pale, high-quality cabinet timber that takes a high polish. It’s usually a very consistent colour so is ideal for fine art framing.

Blackbean is one of the most popular moulding choices due to its consistency, with a tone that ages to a stunning chocolate brown.

The quintessential Australian timber of choice for framing for many years, the Silky Oak can range from pink to yellow tones with a naturally rougher grain.

Queensland Maple provides a frame that’s light in colour with a gorgeous natural lustre. It’s a timber that’s easy to work with being soft and lightweight, yet durable.

Blackwood has a lovely mid-brown caramel tone that polishes beautifully, complimented by natural reddish streaks or bands of darker colours, showing the growth rings in the tree.

ARTIS PURA Mouldings come in a diverse range of sizes in your standard box profiles and currently four float profiles, allowing you to display your artworks, paintings or treasured items to have an optimum impact. There are also some very exciting designs soon to be released including inlays and wider float profiles.

Visit the ARTIS PURA Mouldings website to find your nearest stockist of its unique, quality native timber moulding range. You can also follow ARTIS PURA Mouldings on Facebook and Instagram to be inspired on how you can bring native Australian timbers to your walls.