Australian Innovative Systems

The ultimate in protection and performance for your pool

Australian Innovative Systems ensures your pool is completely safe to swim in.


An award-winning industry influencer with more than 25 years’ experience, they boast a range of advanced, convenient and automatic salt water chlorine generators that are widely used in home swimming pools, swim schools, resorts, hotels and aquatic centres worldwide.

With a focus on developing simpler, safer and smarter technologies for water disinfection, the Queensland-based group’s products keep water clear and bacteria-free. From spas to large resort-style fresh-, salt- or mineral-water pools, they cater for virtually any size.

Adhering to strict standards, Australian Innovative Systems‘ products eliminate the risk of chlorine leaks, spills and off-gassing. They also keep things simple for pool-owners, stopping the dependence on chlorine deliveries and the need to monitor and manage chlorine stocks.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty program, all of Australian Innovative Systems‘ chlorinators can be installed in new pools or retrofit to existing pools. Giving you peace of mind, their trustworthy products are available for both residential and commercial systems.

To find out more about Australian Innovative System’s range of products, visit the group’s website.