Brisbane Sustainability Agency

Creating a sustainable future for Brisbane and beyond

Brisbane Sustainability Agency promotes environmental best practices to help make Brisbane our nation’s most sustainable city for future generations to enjoy.


Partnering with people and organisations who want to lead in sustainability across waste, energy, water, transport, climate resilience, greenhouse emissions, green space, and the circular economy, Brisbane Sustainability Agency connects Brisbane homeowners and residents to programs and events that help them to live more sustainably.

Their fantastic educational resources include the Building Flood Resilience in Brisbane guide, which aims to prepare Brisbane homes for flooding events, offering resources and advice for residents, trade contractors, and builders. The information on making our Queensland homes more flood resilient includes expert tips and tricks that can assist homeowners or those building or renovating with the tools to incorporate flood-resilient building materials and strategies into your home.

Flood-resilient design enables you to safely store belongings before a flood event and easily clean, repair, and quickly move back in after floods with minimal long-term disruption.

Check out the guide on the Brisbane Sustainability Agency website for more information on flood and climate-resilient strategies when renovating and building new homes to feel safe and have peace of mind that your home is protected and future-proof against potential flooding. You’ll also discover local programs and events that can help you and your family and friends to live more sustainably, making Brisbane a better place for our future generations to enjoy.