Build Prestige Homes

An award-winning and boutique Brisbane building company.

A quest to have a quality home constructed needs to go all the way through a reputable Brisbane contractor like Build Prestige Homes.


Under the aegis of founder and Master Builder Leo Bandiera, Build Prestige Homes heavily prides itself in the construction of bespoke homes of exceptional specifications, functionality and durability.

Every homebuilding process at Build Prestige Homes starts with a no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals and preferences for the ideal home. Further developments on the matter will focus on gradually laying down the consultation data to sketch and working sheets. The entire project itself will all be based under a fully-detailed quote and contract; you will also be furnished associated paperwork such as data from a Certified Structural Engineer assigned to evaluate the project, and the Master Builder’s Contract and Specifications.

If you are only interested in renovations or expansions to your home, Build Prestige Homes is eager to accommodate you.

You can make things work in the construction of a beautiful property for your loved ones. The Build Prestige Homes team will there every step of the way. Start the journey today with a free consultation.