By Edwards

Made to Australian safety standards, By Edwards’ quality beanbags are terrific for brightening both indoor and outdoor spaces.


With a focus on quality and comfort, By Edwards offers a wonderful range of beanbags and cushions for both indoors and outdoors. Hand-made using a high-quality woven polyester fabric that’s both ultra-durable and easy to clean, their products provide the perfect finishing touch to nearly any space.

Making things all the more convenient, the Australian-based By Edwards group makes their beanbags with a special interior liner that takes the hassle out of filing and cleaning. PVC underlays also ensure that the summer-ready seats are waterproof, while still being able to hold shape.

By Edwards beanbags are designed in numerous styles to suit each individuals needs and taste. Choose from many striking colours (such as coral turquoise, tangelo and charcoal just to name a few), and fill them to your preferred level of firmness for maximum comfort.

Looking for something that’s functional both in and outside the home? The group also offers a brilliant amphibian floating beanbag that can be used in pools – bring on the pool party!

To find out more about By Edwards and to see their range of products, visit the group’s website.