Chris Clout Design

Shaping world-class homes, inside and out.

For aspiring homeowners wanting a resort-style property that is the epitome of sleek design, ample functionality, and sheer comfort for the family, one building designer stands above the rest: Chris Clout Design.


Under the aegis of founder Chris Clout, the company covers new ground in-house design by incorporating features you’d probably find at the most luxurious beach resorts around. Infinity pools, raised pools with glass walls, large windows for natural light, creative landscaping around the structure You name it, the designs have them. Chris Clout Design homes are especially notable for the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast.

Chris Clout Design is committed to sustainable building practices by incorporating environmentally safe materials in the construction. This will be emphasised in the initial concept designs and further fleshed out in the final plans and tender. They also aid clients in processing the project through the council and DA approval stage.

Such steadfastness to the craft has reaped much success for Chris Clout, who has experimented on house design and construction since childhood, even designing and building the family home when he was 16 years old. His designs have gained over 60 awards from the Building Designers Association of Queensland and the Building Designers Association of Australia.

When you have worked hard to earn your place in life, you deserve a home that speaks volumes about you and shows a commitment to fine living. An award-winning Sunshine Coast building designer such as Chris Clout Design is more than capable of helping you realise that dream.