Darren James Interiors

Stunning design and construction of residential interiors

With a fresh take on interiors, kitchen and bathroom design, Darren James Interiors are at the forefront of transforming some stunning Queensland homes.


Darren James Interiors has an impressive collection of design and construction services to give your inner sanctum a radically different vibe:

Interior Architecture/DesignDarren James Interiors primarily focuses on redefining the layout of the interior space through a fresh new template based on your preferences. The work will tackle issues such as structural integrity, ergonomics, usage of sustainable materials, and lighting coverage, among others. The object is to conceptualise a space that works for family living.
Kitchen/Bathroom Planning – The kitchen and the bathroom are the most important facilities every home should have – and tend to be highly expensive due to heavy usage. Consulting a design crew at Darren James Interiors with how to remodel both/either of them enables you to organise your project with quality materials and timely progress while keeping the costs down.

Renovation/Additions – If you have planned and budgeted well for renovating your property or adding a whole new section, a credible designer such as Darren James could lay out the scope. The company has a QBCC/HIA-accredited in-house trades and project management team to oversee the undertaking, from initial sketch to handover.