Debra Hood Art

Vibrant colours and incredible details encapsulate Debra Hood’s paintings, which replicate real scenes in a whimsical and charming portrayal.


As a mother of three little ones, Debra Hood started painting domestic scenes all the while white cloth nappies on a clothesline obscured her view from the rest of her world.

She also began painting her retro still life pieces, characterised by their bold and clashing colours and incredible feel of depth.

Debra Hood’s paintings today are a celebration of domestic life and an exhibition of the much-loved Queenslander-style homes. Over time, the foliage in her paintings became more dotted, mirroring the Brisbane springtime when the blossoms of jacaranda, poinciana and pink trumpets blanket the streets.

Debra Hood is an advocate of community values, and as such enjoys creating public art works as it gives her a connection to her community. It also provides a challenge to work on a different scale than her usual. One such piece is the Mooroolbin Brisbane City Cat, which travels up and down the Brisbane River all day, wrapped in her artwork of Queenslander houses.

Most days Debra Hood works in her studio – which she considers her little haven – from 4pm until 2am.

Visit Debra Hood’s website to see her full range of work available.