Dinah Wakefield Artist

Dinah Wakefield’s ethereal abstract landscape paintings are greatly influenced by the beauty of nature and the ocean.


Originally from the UK, Dinah Wakefield moved to Australia 30 years ago, marrying an Australian and living in Sydney for most of that time.

Her father was a painter so she grew up in an artistic household, but didn’t start painting until she made the move overseas.

Dinah Wakefield is a completely self-taught artist, with her talents recently seeing her being commissioned to paint two very large canvases for the foyer of the new Eco City in Kuala Lumpur.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast two years ago, Dinah Wakefield has seen a huge shift in her work, stating the visual and energetic landscape is inspiring and uplifting.

What Dinah calls ‘the light within’ is her constant inspiration. She explains the light within as the light that exists within everything – an inner light that connects us in our true nature and can be seen and experienced everywhere.

Dinah Wakefield’s creative process is intuitive and instinctive, with the initial inspiration for her work often coming to her during meditation.

From there, Dinah describes it as a process of watching the painting as it forms.

She works mostly in acrylic paint, using a little water to dilute it, which helps her paint more freely.