Duce Timber Window & Doors

Style, design, finesse.

Stylish and functional windows and doors provide the finishing touch to any home design. And when you want only the very best, there’s Duce Timber Window & Doors.


Duce offers door and window products of various styles and movement functions, as well as gates and screens. Each product is made from the finest handpicked Australian timber logs and machined for compliance to all relevant Australian Standards.

The performance of any home product greatly depends on the quality of its installation – something that Duce Timber Window & Doors understands perfectly. The company has a sister outfit, Duce Instaltek Pty Ltd, in charge of the installation and maintenance of your chosen Duce products. When taken care of well, your product can hold up for many years.

The strength of a window and door can also be dependent on the long-time competency and craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Duce Timber Window and Doors has stood tall on that front for the past 80 years, with fourth-generation members of the Duce clan firmly guiding the company. The company has a nationwide network of suppliers to aid you in your home building and renovation needs.

A quality set of doors and windows add more style and functionality points to a home. Do not compromise on a budget set – let Duce Timber Window and Doors hook you up. Schedule an appointment for your consultation now.