Edie Fogarty – I Heart Wall Art

One of Australia’s best wall art print collections

The work of Sunshine Coast-based artist Edie Fogarty brings the beauty of wildlife and nature into the home.


Edie creates layered pieces featuring birds, wildlife and nature for her art collections using her own photographs and artworks, as well as pieces by other photographers which she layers with colours and textures.

Edie cites her inspiration as her ‘day job’ in conservation, and speaks openly about the role her art plays in helping her re-energise and de-stress when her work becomes depleting.

Edie and her husband Gerry set up wall art business I Heart Wall Art two years ago to sell her prints more widely, and now sell work by other artists too.

You can find one of Australia’s best wall art print collections in the I Heart Wall Art online shop, which includes canvas wall art prints, abstract wall art, botanical wall art, nature wall art and many other popular styles.