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Providing integrated solutions for home cinema, automation & touch screen control, automated lighting, security and intercom systems for your home or business.

For homeowners that are interested in improving quality of life through a wonderfully equipped entertainment suite and integrated technology, Brisbane audio-video systems specialist Electronic Living are the go-to.


Electronic Living’s arsenal of techno-gadgetry is more than enough to whet appetites of people looking to wire their home in more ways than one. Say you’re looking to renovate a spare room in your home as the entertainment/cinema place. A discussion with the Electronic Living team will focus on factors such as what appliances are you looking to install, the number of people you’re accommodating, and the amount of space the room has.

Many technology experts favour “smart-wiring” solutions for a highly-automated home, as they can be reconfigured for future developments at minimal hassle. Electronic Living works on this front to ensure that your home automation infrastructure is up to date, with energy-efficient appliances linked via smart wiring that may even help you save up to 20% in power bills.

There are homes so eye-catching, they could attract undue attention from intruders, forcing you to lock down every possible crevice. Electronic Living has got you covered with installations of CCTV cameras, intercoms, motion sensors, and access control units that are slaved to your home automation command panels or your TV. Best of all, you have the option to manage the system from a mobile device.

A full audio-video entertainment system can be part of what makes a comfortable living experience in your home. Pursue that with the Electronic Living team by contacting them for a consultation today.

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