Helen Peel Artist

Rich portraits and life scenes full of colour showcase Helen Peel’s eye for detail.


From a young age, this contemporary Australian artist had an urge to pick up a paintbrush or pencil to express a world that she saw was saturated with colour and light.

Work commitments – albeit in the creative industries as a hairdresser and interior designer – stood in the way of using her artistic talent as more than a hobby until she retired in Noosa.

On retiring, Helen Peel travelled extensively and found inspiration for her career as an artist sketching the picturesque streets of Florence in Italy. It was here she found a strength in portraiture and creating lively village scenes.

Now, working exclusively with oils, Helen Peel is an accomplished realist, bringing scenes and stories to life with her characteristic techniques of balancing light and shade, exquisitely delicate brushwork and vibrant colours.

She is also accomplished in the fascinating rub-off technique, which was used a lot during Renaissance times. It essentially involves working backwards, drawing subjects by rubbing off paint. The end result is a mystical type of finish and showcases Helen’s intimate knowledge of light and detail.

Visit Helen Peel’s website to see examples of her work.