HNT Builders

Specialising in high-end residential construction

Brisbane-based HNT Builders PTY LTD create homes which combine timeless elegance with unique design.


Offering high-quality workmanship and superb attention to detail, HNT Builders specialise in detail-oriented projects that are as functional as they are aesthetic, bringing out the beauty in simplicity.

Working with HNT Builders, you can be assured that their team gives 100% dedication to your building project – they don’t do multiple jobs at once, preferring to put all of their efforts into one building at a time to ensure that every result is spectacular.

HNT Builders offer an all-encompassing range of services for their clients, including architecture and design, project management and planning, building and construction.

Their design team work closely with clients to conceptualise dream homes and pride themselves on a meticulous attitude towards project management. HNT Builders are with you every step of the way from concept to completion, keeping you informed and up-to-speed throughout the design and build while staying on schedule and within budget.