Jenny Hines Artist

Jenny Hines is an abstract expressionist artist, always exploring new ways of creating art.


Her abstract artworks are inspired by life on the Sunshine Coast, where she is surrounded by colour and nature.

Since the age of 15, Jenny says images have been in “the mind”, struggling to be expressed or transformed into a painting, with “the mind” version always being more vibrant, interesting and abstract.

Jenny Hines went to art school to hone her craft and learnt in her formal training the principles of unity, harmony, balance, rhythm and composition. Followed by many years of painting and more learning, Jenny says her artwork is where it is today.

Painting large canvasses, Jenny Hines quite often moves the canvas to the floor to free-up brush strokes and uses mixed media to give texture to the surface.

Intuitive brush strokes begin each piece, and with a colour palette in mind and sometimes a sketch, the journey of creating one of her artworks begins as compositions suggest themselves.

Letting go of all representation is the hardest part of the process, but one that is exhilarating, with the spontaneity being crucial to Jenny’s work.

She says getting into the zone of ‘painter’s trance’ is where the magic happens, especially when she loses herself in the emotion of the moment.

Visit Jenny Hines’s website to view her art.