Jewels 4 Pools

Make your pool your home's most impressive feature

Backed by 35 years’ experience in the pool industry, Jewels 4 Pools is a leading supplier of swimming pool interior finishes. Featuring 100% pure crystal, non-fade, coloured and clear crystal aggregates and modified GEO polymer.


Providing the finishing touch for pools that will really impress, the group’s eye-catching pure crystal pool linings promise to elevate your outdoor space.

Committed to the manufacture of high-quality products and adhering to high ethical standards, Jewels 4 Pools‘ dazzling renders are available in a vast range of colours and colour combinations.

Catching the light, the product’s crystals are also guaranteed to never fade. Concerned about the feel? Highly reflective, durable and non-staining, they’re applied in smooth and vibrant concrete finish (by a qualified tradesperson) that looks truly stunning.

Non-toxic and available in grades up to 10-millimetres, Jewels 4 Pools is perfect for those wanting to add a touch of glamour to their next project.

To find out more or to browse the range of colour options, call 1300 664 641 or visit the Jewels 4 Pools website.