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Passionate. Creative. Friendly. Dedicated to Client Satisfaction.

With a signature look that is all about colour, pattern and eclectic personality, John Croft Design remains one of the leaders in the field of interior design in Queensland.


Serving the Brisbane area and elsewhere in Australia for the past 35 years, John Croft Design is a major figure in the interior design and decoration circuit. Led by renowned Principle Designer, John Croft, the team’s philosophy revolves around working things right to make the home a wonderful place to live. To this end, the John Croft Design team takes the extra mile to personally interact with clients and learn more about them.

When engaging John Croft Design for an interior design project, the design team will note down all your preferences and draft a working blueprint for the selected space. From here, the discussions will focus on the selection and acquisition of the preferred building materials. They will range from cabinetry, lighting fixtures, right down to the expected finishes.

For interior design, a company like John Croft Design can be relied upon for assignments such as refurbishment and redecorations. Your original interior design blueprint may also work in the selection of various accessories that can complement the space. Custom furniture and rugs are also a John Croft specialty.

The success of John Croft Design is highly attributable to the work ethic of company founder John Croft. A Fellow at the Design Institute of Australia, Croft’s attachment to interiors started with a renovation of his first home when he was 19 years old. The company’s accolades have since included a raft of lucrative projects such as remodelling interiors of luxury vehicles and private aeroplanes.

A John Croft Design home boasts a timeless appeal. Schedule a consultation now.

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