Julie Whitehead Artist

Vibrant and beautiful customised artwork.

Julie Whitehead is an incredibly talented floral artist with more than 25 years of painting experience.


Using both vibrant and muted tones, Julie Whitehead creates paintings that are visually captivating, reflecting energy, beauty, love, colour and movement. Working on large canvasses, she is able to create pieces with huge impact. The flowers she paints take on a life of their own, looking fluid on the canvas, which is more engaging and interesting for those with the pleasure of viewing them.

For Julie, floral gardens are a life passion, travelling as far as the UK to the famous Chelsea Flower Show to draw inspiration. She also spends a lot of time visiting local gardens as well as florists where she takes hundreds of photographs to sift through later. Julie pours over these photographs, looking for the perfect one to take inspiration from and to make a fabulous painting.

For commissioned pieces, Julie sits down with clients to discuss what flowers they are passionate about and what colours in the painting will suit the room it will be hung in. Julie makes it a creative, collaborative process where the client gets to see their vision come to life.

The cost for a custom art piece is around $2,500 and upwards, depending on the size and subject matter. Contact Julie Whitehead Art today to add a unique and beautiful artwork to your home.