Kerry Norman Artist

Kerry Norman is a mixed media artist, sculptor, transpersonal art therapist and counsellor with her artistic expression spanning a broad spectrum of styles.


Kerry Norman’s 30-plus-year career in art has been a journey of texture, design and enlightenment, with each piece having its own character.

Known as an ‘intuitive artist’, Kerry Norman describes her creative process like discovering the pieces of a puzzle with a focus on utilising texture and colour.

Kerry Norman’s main medium of choice these days is inks, being archival, vibrant, transparent and opaque. She says the fusion and merging of these colours with some guidance on paper on canvas is both exciting and fulfilling.

Her creations stem from her amazing life journey raising a family on the land in Gunnedah NSW, overcoming health concerns and evolving on a personal level – all things which have delivered more depth and soul to her work.

Kerry Norman’s own personal growth and love for art led to a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and then a Diploma in Counselling, recognising the healing power of art.

She has a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge of art and life with others, hosting group workshops at her studio in the Eumundi/Noosa Hinterland.

Contact Kerry Norman today for a unique piece for your home or to participate in a workshop to create something of your own under her guidance.