Living Edge

Discover design. Discover Living Edge.

Leading Design. Discerning Taste. Furniture for Life. This is Living Edge.


Living Edge invite you to explore design as a way of living with their team who understand how authentic design can elevate the everyday. For almost two decades, Living Edge has provided Australian homes with a distinguished collection curated from an international portfolio of designers. With new products and new initiatives, Living Edge is readily available to help you interpret an inspiration or an idea and give it proper form.

Each brand in the Living Edge collection is chosen for its quality, design significance and the designer’s commitment to social responsibility. Their residential collection features distinctive pieces in a range of interior styles, but always with the Australian lifestyle at the forefront of selection.

Living Edge‘s residential team specialise in interior design and can provide tailored direction to compliment your personal aesthetic and help bring your vision to life with their new Design Services offering. Featuring detailed in-store consultations, personal site visits, design development, and product installation, the Living Edge Design Service can support you through the entire journey of transforming your home into an inviting space exclusively for you.

Discover design. Discover Living Edge.