Malawi Cane

Specialising in genuine handmade cane furniture from Malawi

Discover the unique and handcrafted beauty of traditional cane furniture from Malawi.


The Australian operation of Malawi Cane is headed up by Monique, who was born in Malawi; and loves nothing more than seeing genuine Malawi product in homes around the world. Sharing the beautiful stories behind the craftspeople who skilfully weave each piece, preserving centuries-old traditional weaving methods, and ensuring the artisans and their communities are supported fairly through their trade of Malawi Cane furniture.

With a focus on celebrating individual artisans and traditional and time-honoured techniques and skills, Malawi Cane’s range of handcrafted furniture, handwoven baskets, handprinted cushions and handstitched small goods bring the incredible handicrafts of Africa to Australian homes.

Malawi Cane takes pride in offering quality craftsmanship and unique designs. Their range of genuine handmade cane furniture from Malawi preserve the cultural traditions of indigenous master artisans and support their families and communities. All the furniture they sell is made by villagers in rural Malawi, showcasing the century-old traditional craft of cane furniture making that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Each piece from the Malawi Cane collection is a work of art – a single chair can take up to ten days to complete.

Their furniture and accessory collections work well in all kinds of interiors and homes, spanning rustic, contemporary, colonial, classic, tribal and bohemian styles. Malawi Cane’s range aesthetic is well suited to unique styles of Australasian coastal and country homes.

The team maintain partnerships with their exclusive suppliers and their craftspeople, which enables them to develop bespoke designs that are exclusive to Malawi Cane.

Malawi Cane services retail in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and welcomes wholesale enquiries. They can also work with you to support your store range or assist with a new project or fit-out, be it residential or commercial hospitality.