Mavyn Interiors

Timeless furniture pieces for the modern Australian home

Inspired by classic lines and coastal design undertones, Mayvn Interiors bring something unique to the Australian market.


The brand was created by design addict, entrepreneur, and lover of a relaxed interior, Melita Bruvelis, who has been involved in the design industry for over 20 years and is a proud member of the Design Institute of Australia in Interior Decoration.

The Mavyn Interiors team loves to travel, and each collection tells a story, influenced by destinations and experiences from around the globe. Mavyn Interiors bring the best of these ideas home to their design studio in the sunny, coastal town of Manly, New South Wales, where they are developed and designed to suit the Australian landscape and lifestyle.

Mavyn Interiors designs feature soothing, coastal-inspired fabrics, with an aesthetic that is just as well suited to a classic interior as they are to a contemporary abode. Always designing with their client in mind, their furnishings and accessories are beautiful, functional and comfortable. Mavyn Interiors can provide fabric samples for their clients, so you can create a truly tailored look to your furnishings, and offer full wholesale pricing for the design trade.