Maytain Cabinets

The Kitchen Renovation Specialists.

Most kitchen remodelling programmes include the building of custom cabinets for added style and functionality. When it comes to achieving that goal, Maytain Cabinets, one of the finely-regarded kitchen renovators in Brisbane, have that in spades.


Every kitchen that first saw shape in a Maytain Cabinets drawing board espouses simplicity but can break new ground in functionality and aesthetics. The design will account for the various appliances you intend to acquire for the place or existing items you still need.

The company is staffed with trades specialists who have over 40 years’ combined experience. They are dedicated to seeing your project through, offering close co-ordination with your preferred architect, interior designer, and build contractor. Such liaisons are critical to ensuring that your ideas for the project are honoured and refined to a superb degree.

A kitchen that is well designed and quality assured can do wonders in your home. Maytain Cabinets is can help you in bringing that new kitchen to life. Schedule a consultation today.