Maytree Studios

Humans first, Architects second

Maytree Studios bring a collaborative approach to designing homes of outstanding style and liveability.


With four co-owners bringing their own unique skill set and aesthetic to the studio, Maytree Studios work as a tight-knit team – all equally invested in exceeding their clients’ expectations. Combining architecture and interior design, the studio offers an all-encompassing approach to designing homes and spaces that exude timeless appeal and contemporary craftmanship.

Maytree Studios’ Architects include Rebecca Caldwell, whose design philosophy combines ethics and social responsibility with the forward-thinking sensibilities of contemporary architecture; and Andy Keefe who brings a sharp eye for detail that elevates the execution of every project. As a Graduate of Architecture, Kate Stafford also cares deeply about designing individual spaces with character and spatial flow. Interior Designer, Alisha Bouris, strives to create enduring interiors that focus on how people experience a space, rather than trends with a short shelf life.

Maytree Studios can chat through your wishlist, guide you with honest advice and show you new possibilities. The team are passionate about their craft and designing a home or space that reflects your individuality, and always rely on positive architecture methodology to guide design decisions that are liveable, attainable and responsible.

Take a look at Maytree Studios‘ recent work on their website, where you’ll discover a stunning showcase of homes that span modern and sleek new builds to contemporary interpretations of classic Queenslander homes.