Nicole de la Mar Artist

Nicole de la Mar, a Dutch born nuclear radiographer and mother of five has recently rediscovered her love of art, painting exquisite semi-abstract artworks with acrylic on large canvas.


Nicole de la Mar is influenced by many cultures due to her extensive travel and thirst for new experiences.

Being multi-lingual, she has formed friendships with many people around the world, which is represented in her art.

Nicole de la Mar never sets out with an idea in mind when creating one of her artworks, rather she lets the mood overwhelm her (usually with opera or Latin music playing loudly in the background) and often, only when she’s done, does she realise what she’s created or what has been on her mind.

This pairs perfectly with her artistic philosophy of “paint freely and of things that matter to you, in that exact moment of time”.

Nicole de la Mar’s recent artworks have been influenced by the beauty of the nature that surrounds Brisbane. She says her green flora space at home envelops her with arms of strength and calm and it is this that she tries to recreate to bring indoors.

Nicole de la Mar has a large exhibition planned at Graydon Gallery in New Farm in December 2019 and many of Nicole’s works will be on display from May 1 at the Kenmore Gallery, Kenmore.