Ocean Blue Living

Creative manufacturers of screens, panels, gates, letterboxes,signage, wall art and garden sculptures.

Ocean Blue Living is a leading manufacturer of custom designed architectural metalworks such as screens, panels, gates, letterboxes,signage, wall art and garden sculptures.


Company founders Vince and LeaAnne Cassaniti are the creative duo behind Ocean Blue Living.

With experience in the boat-building industry, they are using their marine engineering knowledge to create functional and artistic designs for homeowners to transform their spaces both indoors and out.

Metal Screens
Ocean Blue Living’s screens have the ability to reshape your space. Designed to diffuse the light and increase privacy, they are also created to withstand the elements and are ranked far above industry standards and building compliance codes.

The gates produced by Ocean Blue Living are well-made and designed to complement the property’s aesthetics. The gates can be linked to special motorised systems to ensure smooth flow as well as electronic gadgets for easy opening.

Ocean Blue Living also design an array of steel fire pits, custom mailboxes and sculptures. Each item is also weather coated improving their appearance as they age.

To find out how to transform your space contact Ocean Blue Living today.


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