A fine art gallery and consultants specialising in contemporary art.

Otomys art gallery offers a wide range of contemporary and classic artworks in a variety of art mediums including oil paintings, etchings, fine art photography, sculpture, and cyanotypes.


If you’re looking for the perfect piece for your home or to add to your collection, Otomys can work within your parameters of space, style, genre, scale, and budget. The experienced team is available online or in the gallery to discuss your needs with you.

The Otomys team can also work with a brief with items such as photographs, floor plans, and mood boards, as well as considering architectural and interior design elements of where the artwork will be featured.

Otomys believes quality art adds a dimension beyond the aesthetic, curating their collections and pieces for clients with this in mind. The team considers the long-term benefits and how the art sits within a family’s aesthetic, psyche and budget.

Otomys prides itself on being a fine art gallery where the team thinks deeply and work hard. Their aim is to deliver art with integrity and emotion, and service and detail are paramount.

Some of the artists featured at Otomys include Caroline Denervaud, Eduardo Santos, Heath Newman, Danielle Creenaune, Liza Lacroix, Lindsay Blamey, Rene Twigge, Zarah Cassim and many more.

Conntact the Otomys studio today to start the conversation.