Pamela Gough Artist

Beautiful art inspired by Brisbane streetscapes

Pamela Gough’s dreamy contemporary landscape paintings are narratives embedded with stories and symbols, focusing on homes with character, the Australian landscape and way of life.


Often featuring the illustrative detail of historical maps, her works make connections to the past and look for direction in everyday life.

Pamela Gough’s work scratches at the surface to reveal the spirit of a place or home, particularly those in her own backyard of Brisbane, where she was born.

Pamela Gough refined her natural talent through obtaining a Diploma in Visual Arts, and partial Associate Dip Creative Arts where she studied under Australian Artist William Robinson in the 80s.

In the 90s, Pamela Gough built a small art business painting commissions, house portraits and teaching art.

She returned to study and painting on canvas in 2006 and when researching and illustrating her project book “My Brisbane”, she rediscovered the joys of being a tourist in her own town.

From that turning point, her art blossomed with the community project and series “Mitchie Turns 150”, in 2007.

That energy and creativity, combining history and landscape, expanded through to her “Qld 150” series in 2009 with “Impact on Moreton Bay” unveiling Pam’s work as a Tattersalls Landscape Art Prize Finalist.

Pamela Gough continues exploring the spirits of the places she visits through her art, showcasing her work at solo exhibitions.