Australian marketer and distributor of decorative surfaces

Polytec is an Australian-based marketer and distributor of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality doors, panels, bench tops and more.

Recognised across the industry for its quality materials as well as innovation, craftsmanship and customer services, Polytec is one of the fastest growing brands in Australia.

Owned privately by Australian company Borg, the leading manufacturer of Thermolaminated cabinet doors in Australia, places great value on environmental integrity, ensuring that water and energy consumption are minimised during the manufacturing process. Just in case you think that’s all talk, Polytec are proud to say that they are Chain of Custody (CoC) certified under the Australian Forestry Standard, meaning that all their certified products are sourced from legal, well-managed forests.

Want to know a little bit more about the technical side of Polytec surfaces or the best way to clean and care for them? The team at Polytec have compiled a number of helpful guides to help you make the most out of your Polytec products. These guides are all available here.

Naturally, when you’re ordering surfaces and material for your home, you expect a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Polytec understands this and as a result uses company owned logistics including over 200 trucks all serviced in-house. They also use all the latest automated technologies for the picking and packing of orders to further ensure maximum efficiency.

The primary goal of Polytec is to provide its customers with a diverse range of high quality decorative products that work in harmony to give your building project the style you’ve always envisioned.

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