Premium Surface Protection

Premium Surface Protection offers top-of-the-range products to protect your soft furnishings, fabrics and rugs from permanent stain, wear and sun fading.


Application of Premium Surface Protection’s flagship products Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal allow furnishings to be used in areas they would not have been able to be used otherwise, and increase the longevity of your favourite furniture and decor.

Fiber ProTector – ideal for use on fine textiles – and Microseal provide an effective barrier against water and oil-based spills, soil and dust and even reduce the spread of unwanted bacteria.

Unlike other spray fabric protectors, Premium Surface Protection’s products penetrate fabrics and leather at a molecular level, maintaining the appearance and texture of the fibre while protecting it from permanent stains, mould, wear and tear, and sun fading. They also don’t act as a coating, so don’t need reapplication after cleaning, and won’t wear off.

Premium Surface Protection products are applied by qualified people using specially designed equipment that sprays the products uniformly and consistently across your furniture and soft furnishings.

Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal have been designed so that the products only attach to fibres, so they won’t seal in anything non-fibrous such as dirt. Fabrics and soft furnishings therefore don’t need a professional clean before application, saving you money.

Premium Surface Protection products are also environmentally friendly, as well as being non-toxic and non-allergenic.

You love your furniture and finishings, so why not expand their lifespan? Contact Premium Surface Protection today to protect your assets.

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